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Coaching and Mentoring in Schools

With extensive experience as a school leader, instructional coach and teacher of Modern Languages, I offer specialist coaching and mentoring to schools. All support is tailored to the specific context - please get in touch for more information. 

Instructional Coaching

​Instructional coaching can be a transformational way to create a positive, empowering culture of improvement with sustained impact on teachers' professional development and job satisfaction, and students' motivation and outcomes.

I can offer: 

  • bespoke training and workshops on instructional coaching methodology including the TEACH* and LEARN* models for coaching conversations

  • coaching and/or mentoring on design and implementation in your school context 

  • ongoing support for coach training and quality assurance​

*©Sarah Bridge Coaching

The system and models I have developed over 15 years of coaching around Teaching and Learning in schools are based on research-driven theories of coaching and andragogy and do not require any on-going subscriptions or investment.

Supervision for Instructional Coaches

As an experienced Instructional Coach and facilitator I can provide developmental, restorative and qualitative supervision to school leaders and practising instructional coaches. The importance of supervision in coaching is unequivocal and undertaking supervision and ongoing professional development is best practice for anyone in a coaching role.

Coaching and Mentoring for MFL departments

Curriculum Leaders for Modern Languages are facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainties. Coaching can help them unlock how to lead their teams with vision and clarity. I also offer mentoring and training for strategic curriculum design and implementation, incorporating research driven techniques from all current areas of second languages research (including EPI and NCELP).


In 20 years of teaching languages, I have I have held lead practitioner and head of department roles in different schools, and worked for the SSAT and exam boards regionally and nationally as a MFL trainer. I have significant experience in leading and implementing curriculum design and MFL pedagogy with positive progress outcomes for students. 

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