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Coaching Walks

Walking while coaching can lead to

transformational results

As well as coaching over video calls, I can offer personalised coaching walks in a variety of locations including the inspirational Dartmoor national park, the tranquil South Hams countryside and river valleys,  and the stunning south Devon coast. 


The Benefits

Walking coaching is becoming increasingly popular due to the combined benefits of fresh air and exercise, being connected to nature, experiencing inspirational landscapes and the powerful depth of thinking unlocked through coaching. Every image on this page was taken on one of my local walks - no matter what the season, south Devon is the ultimate location to experience the transformational effects of a coaching walk. Whether you are local or visiting the area, get in touch to talk about what could work for you - walks are personalised to suit your time, location and fitness preferences. 

Walking Coaching with Sarah Bridge Coaching
- Dartmoor and South Devon

IMG_6112 (1).jpeg

The Evidence

“Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”  Henry David Thoreau 


The evidence for the benefits of coaching while walking is undeniable and for generations people have walked when they need to think, including Charles Darwin who walked on his “thinking path”, as he contemplated evolutionary theory.  The emergence of Somatic Syntax, the “study of how movement may be used to help bring knowledge into the muscle, and to help draw out knowledge from the muscle.” has been pioneered by Roberts Dilts, and increasingly executive coaches are incorporating coaching in motion into their practice. Walking while coaching has been shown to have multiple benefits both physiological, such as releasing endorphins and decreasing blood pressure, and psychological, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and wellbeing. For more information about the benefits, to book a coaching walk or find out more about coaching with me, please get in touch.




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